How Marie Kondo saved me $60

Yes, even packing your suitcase can spark joy.

Do you often find yourself at the airport laden down with several bags, envious of those traveling with only a carry on? You’re stuck waiting in the never-ending check in line with your heavy bag, hoping it won’t go over the weight limit while other passengers sail past you looking cool, calm and collected with one small bag.

If that sounds familiar, you’re not alone. After finding myself in that situation over and over again, I’d make a promise that next time I would pack only the bare minimum. However, when it came to the next trip, no matter how hard I tried, the carry on bag would be overflowing and I’d end up using a large suitcase and paying hefty fees for a checked bag. I was frustrated, but always ended up packing too much and couldn’t figure out a way to change. Thankfully, I’ve come across a solution that worked for me and could work for you too.

If you subscribe to Netflix, you’ve probably already heard of Marie Kondo, organizational guru and world renowned tidying expert. She has become a cultural phenomenon, and her new show Tidying Up inspired me to start organizing my belongings by using her six basic rules. Her techniques can be used in your entire home, however, for the purpose of this blog and stress-free packing, I’m going to focus on her method of organizing clothing.

In the simplest of terms, using The KonMari Method™ involves sorting through all the clothing you own, holding each item individually to determine if it sparks joy. If it doesn’t, it goes in the discard pile to be consigned, donated or disposed of. If the piece makes you happy, you keep it. For those of us who are attached to our clothing, Marie’s technique is a kind and gentle way of discarding excess items.

Marie also shares an organizational practice by which your clothing is folded into small rectangles that can be stacked side by side, thus making it easy to see everything at a glance. No more digging to find your favorite pair of jeans buried at the bottom of the stack. Once you master her easy folding method, organizing becomes effortless and packing a suitcase is a breeze. Each item of clothing is small and compact and once placed in your luggage will be visible without having to search through your entire bag. This means you’ll be less likely to over pack because you’ll be able to recognize that you’ve already filled your bag with 6 pairs of jeans or 12 tank tops and you won’t be tempted to add ‘just one more’.

Below are the basic steps for her folding method:

If you travel a lot and are tired of feeling unorganized, then practicing The KonMari Method™ could work for you. By utilizing this process on my recent trip, I was able to successfully pack enough clothing for seven days, fit everything into a carry on bag and save $60 in checked bag fees. Thanks Marie!!

Clothing is easily viewed after being folded and packed

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